Five Best Practices for Text Analytics

It's been a while since I updated my blog and a lot has changed.  In January, I made the move to TDWI as Research Director for Advanced Analytics.  I'm excited to be there, although I miss Hurwitz & Associates.   One of the last projects I worked on while at Hurwitz & Associates was the… Continue reading Five Best Practices for Text Analytics


Thoughts from the 6th annual Text Analytics Summit

I just returned from the 6th annual Text Analytics Summit in Boston.  It was an enjoyable conference, as usual.  Larger players such as SAP and IBM both had booths at the show alongside pure play vendors Clarabridge, Attensity, Lexalytics, and Provalis Research.  This was good to see and it underscores the fact that platform players… Continue reading Thoughts from the 6th annual Text Analytics Summit

Real Time Text Analytics

I’ve recently noticed a small buzz building about the notion of “real time” text analytics.  In fact, I’ve come across several vendors talking about it in relation to customer experience and financial trading.  The idea is that these companies analyze a lot of  unstructured data quickly and provide real time  information to the people who… Continue reading Real Time Text Analytics

Leximancer – Concept Maps for Text Analytics and the Customer Insight Portal

I had the opportunity last week to learn more about Leximancer, a text analytics company with its roots in Australia. Leximancer recently moved some of its operations to the U.S. and I had a very interesting conversation with CEO Neil Hartley about the company. Leximancer was founded in 2005. Its technology is based on seven… Continue reading Leximancer – Concept Maps for Text Analytics and the Customer Insight Portal

Syndicating Text Analytics

Over the past several weeks, I’ve been briefed by a number of text analytics vendors and companies in partnership with text analytics vendors about syndicated services that make use of text analytics. Of course, syndicated services such as brand monitoring and news services that make use this technology to some degree have been around for… Continue reading Syndicating Text Analytics

My two cents on the 2008 Text Analytics Summit

I add my thoughts to others who have blogged on the Summit. See the Seth Grimes posting, for all of the other comments. I too agree that it was great to see a large number of end users at the Summit, this year. I was especially interested in the fact that a number of them… Continue reading My two cents on the 2008 Text Analytics Summit

Text Analytics and the Predictive Enterprise

I recently had the chance to get an update on what SPSS is up to in text analytics.  It was an interesting conversation for several reasons:   First, it highlighted an important point about text analytics – which we know but is worth repeating – which is that the analysis of unstructured data can be… Continue reading Text Analytics and the Predictive Enterprise

Four Questions about Innovations in Analysis

Several weeks ago, Hurwitz & Associates deployed a short survey entitled, “Four questions about innovations in analysis”.  Well, the results and they are quite interesting!   THE SURVEY   First, a few words about the survey itself and who responded to the survey.   We wanted to make the survey short and sweet.  We were… Continue reading Four Questions about Innovations in Analysis

What’s Next For Text Analytics?

     When I first started to research the text analytics industry about three years ago, people didn’t understand why I was so interested in this nascent marketplace.  I had always anticipated how important it would be.  I remember working at Bell Laboratories, in the 1980s, analyzing structured data using advanced data mining techniques, trying… Continue reading What’s Next For Text Analytics?

SAS Purchases Teragram

Monday, SAS announced that it had purchased Teragram, a privately held natural language processing (NLP) company, for an undisclosed sum.  Teragram is now a SAS company meaning that the Teragram brand will be maintained.  Its solutions and OEM business will be retained.  A good move for SAS This acquisition is a good move for SAS… Continue reading SAS Purchases Teragram