5 Best Practices for Building a program to become data-driven

There are organizational and technology components critical for a business to succeed in becoming data-driven. On the organizational side, a key component to succeeding with data and analytics is to create a culture that supports these efforts. Companies that succeed are typically goal-driven, transparent, empowering, and collaborative. They have strong leadership that believes in data… Continue reading 5 Best Practices for Building a program to become data-driven


3 Best Practices for Becoming More Self-Sufficient with Self-Service Analytics

My colleague Dave Stodder and I recently lead a Webinar in conjunction with our best practices report about becoming a data-driven organization.  Audience questions included several about self-service. In particular, attendees were interested in how to make self-service more accessible to managers and leaders in their organization. Let me set the stage for self-service analytics… Continue reading 3 Best Practices for Becoming More Self-Sufficient with Self-Service Analytics

What is location intelligence and why is it important?

Visualization can change the way that we look at data and information.   If that data contains a geographic/geospatial component then utilizing location information can help provide a new layer of insight for certain kinds of analysis.  Location intelligence is the integration and analysis of visual geographic/geospatial information as part of the decision making process.  A… Continue reading What is location intelligence and why is it important?

Four Questions about Innovations in Analysis

Several weeks ago, Hurwitz & Associates deployed a short survey entitled, “Four questions about innovations in analysis”.  Well, the results and they are quite interesting!   THE SURVEY   First, a few words about the survey itself and who responded to the survey.   We wanted to make the survey short and sweet.  We were… Continue reading Four Questions about Innovations in Analysis

Is This the Death of the Data Cube? (continued)

I’ve never been a fan of the data cube. In fact, I’ve always disliked it because it seems so constraining. I don’t want to be chained to a certain thought process when I’m analyzing data. Maybe that’s because I try to use a variety of analytical approaches when gaining insight from data. Recently, Robin Bloor… Continue reading Is This the Death of the Data Cube? (continued)

Innovations in Data Visualization – Visual analytics

A wise man once told me, “Look at the data. What are the data telling you?” That was my dissertation advisor, some twenty years ago, before the term data visualization was even coined. And that’s the sensible advice I’ve followed throughout my career when analyzing all different kinds of data. Data visualization in the form… Continue reading Innovations in Data Visualization – Visual analytics