What is Networked Content and Why Should We Care?

This is the first in a series of blogs about text analytics and content management. This one uses an interview format. I recently had an interesting conversation with Daniel Mayer, from TEMIS regarding his new paper, the Networked Content Manifesto. I just finished reading it and found it to be insightful in terms of what… Continue reading What is Networked Content and Why Should We Care?


Five vendors committed to content analytics for ECM

In 2007, Hurwitz & Associates fielded one of the first market studies on text analytics. At that time, text analytics was considered to be more of a natural extension to a business intelligence system than a content management system. However, in that study, we asked respondents who were planning to use the software, whether they… Continue reading Five vendors committed to content analytics for ECM

Text Analytics Meets Publishing

I’ve been writing about text analytics for a number of years, now. Many of my blogs have included survey findings and vendor offerings in the space.  I’ve also provided a number of use cases for text analytics; many of which have revolved around voice of the customer, market intelligence, e-discovery, and fraud.  While these are… Continue reading Text Analytics Meets Publishing

Text Analytics Meets Enterprise Content Management

Late last summer, Hurwitz & Associates published a report on Text Analytics.  As part of the report we surveyed companies that had deployed the technology, were planning to deploy the technology, or had no plans to deploy text analytics.  We asked companies planning to deploy text analytics solutions whether they planned to integrate it with… Continue reading Text Analytics Meets Enterprise Content Management