Analyzing Data in the Cloud

I had an interesting chat with Roman Stanek, CEO of Good Data last week about the debate over data security and reliability in the cloud.  For those of you who are not familiar with Good Data, it provides a collaborative business analytics platform as a SaaS offering. The upshot of the discussion was something like … Continue reading Analyzing Data in the Cloud

What is location intelligence and why is it important?

Visualization can change the way that we look at data and information.   If that data contains a geographic/geospatial component then utilizing location information can help provide a new layer of insight for certain kinds of analysis.  Location intelligence is the integration and analysis of visual geographic/geospatial information as part of the decision making process.  A … Continue reading What is location intelligence and why is it important?

IBM Business Analytics and Optimization – The Dawn of New Era

I attended the IBM Business Analytics and Optimization (BAO) briefing yesterday at the IBM Research facility in Hawthorne, NY.   At the meeting, IBM executives from Software, Global Business Services, and Research (yes, Research) announced its new consulting organization, which will be led by Fred Balboni.   The initiative includes 4000 GBS consultants working together with the … Continue reading IBM Business Analytics and Optimization – The Dawn of New Era

Text Analytics meets Enterprise Content Management ‘Round 2– IBM Content Analyzer

Why? How? These are key questions that business people ask a lot. Questions such as, “Why did our customer retention rate plummet?” or “How come our product quality has declined?” or even “How did we end up in this mess?” often cannot be answered using structured data alone. However, there is a lot of unstructured … Continue reading Text Analytics meets Enterprise Content Management ‘Round 2– IBM Content Analyzer

Data visualization and the dynamic dashboard

 I’m a big fan of data visualization because it really helps people understand information.  You can certainly derive a lot of insight from a report, but sometimes it helps to look at data in a different way.  Dashboards are one way to get information to people in an easily digestible format.  However, in order for … Continue reading Data visualization and the dynamic dashboard

Practical Operational BI

I recently had an interesting conversation about business intelligence and operational BI with Steve Mauss, President and COO of Knowledge Relay.  Knowledge Relay was founded in 1984 and has its roots in project management software for the aerospace/defense and government verticals.  Over the years, it has expanded its reach to support other industries such as … Continue reading Practical Operational BI

Sales metrics that matter

Sales are a critical component of what makes a company tick and metrics that measure sales performance are used by many organizations. Some companies track sales by category and examine pipeline metrics, sales metrics and win loss ratios. However, while companies may have metrics in place, this doesn’t mean that they are tracking the right … Continue reading Sales metrics that matter

IBM and the Smarter Planet

I was at the IBM software analyst meeting this past week and got the opportunity to hear about IBM's impressive new initiative called Smarter Planet.  This is big, bold stuff; perhaps even bigger than the company's eBusiness initiative.   The idea behind the effort is to use technology to make the world smarter. What does this … Continue reading IBM and the Smarter Planet

Collaborative BI and Good Data

Collaborative BI is a trend that is beginning to gain momentum.  The idea behind it is to make it easier for people in a company (or even outside of the company) to work together to analyze data and share analysis.   There are several ways to accomplish this goal – from the simple to more complex..  … Continue reading Collaborative BI and Good Data

MarketSight 7.0 – Survey Analysis Made Simple

I recently had the opportunity to speak with Michael DeNitto and Mark Budreski from MarketSight about enhancements to the MarketSight platform and future plans.  MarketSight is a web-based survey analysis tool.  I use it as part of my own toolkit at Hurwitz & Associates. While I am a fairly sophisticated data analyst, what is nice … Continue reading MarketSight 7.0 – Survey Analysis Made Simple